Millennials and Fraud On-line

On-line fraud has been an extremely large issue over the past decade for Millennials. Every now and then I will get obvious fraudulent e-mails that say something like, “You’ve one a billion dollars, click here to receive your prize.” Emails like that, typically aren’t the issue for me or most of my generation because we know offers like those are way too good to be true. It is false e-mails sent from a friends of ours name, which sometimes can be tricky. Also, some scammers have even created false on-line shopping sites to help them steal your credit card information. Scammers create false websites that imitate sites like, which have functional shopping carts and check out pages where your personal information is stolen. Millenials have lost thousands of dollars from operations like these.

Currently, research has shown that the majority of Millennials are concerned about being scammed online. A study from Mashable, showed that 62% of Millennials (ages 18 to 24) are worried about their personal information being abused and misused on-line. For being such a tech savvy generation, we are still just as vulnerable as every other generation when it comes to on-line scams. Since, so many Millennials have smart phones these days, they are even more vulnerable to scammers when they make purchases from them, make banking transactions, and when they conduct their social media sites. Many mobile service companies offer fraud protection programs and virus protection downloads for smartphones. This is something Millennials should seriously consider before conducting personal activities on their phones.

Some tips to help avoid on-line fraud consist of not trusting any site that calms to be secure. You should also send an e-mail to the seller to make sure the e-mail address is active and legitimate. Make sure to never give out your credit card number on-line unless the site is a secure. Finally, make sure that you are buying merchandise from a justifiable source, and also be cautious and aware when dealing with your personal information.


The Sharing and Caring Generation

Generation “Y” is a very involved and caring generation. For many of us growing up, awards and prizes have even been given to people who came in 12th place, so we know how it feels to always receive something nice. Generation “Y” workers seek to balance work and life, and want to give back to the community. Generation “Y” doesn’t want to just give money to support a cause. They want to actually help out, and give to those that are less fortunate with their tools and skills that they have. Generation “Y” also helps the less fortunate because it is just the right thing to do. So, whether it’s working with the Salvation Army, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, American Red Cross, or can food drives, we want to be part of helping others.

Many people from my generation helped rebuild homes in New Orleans after the devastating Hurricane Katrina. This help thousands of people recover from their losses in New Orleans. Generation “Y” also believes in joining socially responsible companies. This means that Generation “Y”is researching companies through networking, and keeping an eye out for companies environmental track records.  Generation “Y” is also very aware of global warming and take many steps forward to help decrease the factors that contribute to global warming.

Generation “Y” is also very interest in ethics and civil rights. Generation “Y” expects organizations to have a code of ethics that is actually practiced on the workforce, rather than just talked about. Generation “Y” believes in diversity, and diverse workforces. Like plenty of research has shown, people from Generation “Y” are motivated by opportunity for advancement, a company’s involvement in the community, and ethical companies. Generation “Y” believes in helping and giving to the needy, supporting companies/organizations who like to help, and making the world a better place.

Tips for Gen “Y” to Get Hired After Graduation

Since millennials are so tech savvy, presenting their social media knowledge could be a huge benefit when searching for a job.  Some ways to demonstrate your social media skills can come from being an expert at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and on many other social media sties. Many employers of small business will pay you good money for these skills.  Develop a community by crowd sourcing a market your interested in.  Many companies love if their applicants have this skill and it is also a precious skill for marketers who are new to the business world, recruiters, and fundraisers.

You should also show companies your ability of not requiring any outside aid or support.  Although, millennials need feedback from their employers, you should make sure to demonstrate your expertise in technology.  If you experience a technical difficulty, instead of turning to a technology department within the organization, you should try using an outside source like Facebook or twitter to ask questions and solve your problem.  You should also demonstrate your mobility to companies.  If you have a good knowledge of apps on cell phones make sure to let them know that.  Companies these days are looking all over for mobile marketers because it is somewhat of a new field.

Aside from social media tips for getting hired, millennials should make sure express their personalities and traits such as communication skills and a good attitude during interviews.  Also, keeping your professionalism sharp is extremely important.  Dress and conduct yourself in a professional manner everywhere you go because you never know who you might run into or meet out on the town.  Make sure your grammar is perfected, and remember to spend your money on things that make you more intelligent because at this point in your life you are your best investment!  Finally, make sure to be confident and not afraid to fail.  Qualifications or concerns should be forgotten and shouldn’t hinder you from applying for a job or interviewing with someone.  Below is a video of why college students should network with confidence.  If you have any other tips for millennials to help get hired in the workforce please post your comments in the comment section!

Respect Your Younger Generation!

One of the worst things I have experienced in the work place is being treated like a child at my job.  My manager would ask me to do really simple tasks, have me repeat tasks that had already been completed, and talk down to me like I was one of his children.  This is about the worst thing a manager could do to a person from the Generation “Y” era.  Although the manager may have kids from Generation “Y”, it doesn’t give them to step in the parent mode in the workplace.  This can frustrate people generation “Y” tremendously, just like it frustrated me.

Managers should ask people for Generation “Y” more courteously to complete tasks. For example, at work my manager would spill something and yell to me, “Hey Jason, clean that up!” When the proper response would have been, “Hey Jason do you mind helping me clean this mess up?”  Being polite to the your younger employees and treating them like you peers will not only help you earn their respect but they will also be more willing to perform tasks at the maximum potential.  Yelling at Generation “Y” and treating them like your kids will only anger us and cause us to lose respect for you.

The main goal for a manger is to be a coach and a teacher to Generation “Y”, rather than to talk down to your younger workers or make them feel disrespected. Generation “Y” is a generation that is supported by their parent tremendously in everything they do so it is important to make them feel like family by listening and supporting their ideas. In conclusion, as an older manager motivate Generation “Y”, by showing that that your care, can be honest with them about their progress, and reward them when they are successful. This will prove to them that you are a confident, competent, and intelligent leader.


Gen “Y” and their Diets


Millennials tend to be very concerned with their physical appearance like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts.  This has led for dieting to be a big part of my culture.  Millennials tend to buy healthier food at the stores.  They also like to purchase diet marketed products like” lean cuisines”.   All sorts of diets read in magazines ten to attract millienials as well.  But the fact is Millenels tend to eat out more than any other generation, but tend to not completely realize it.

I would say on average millenials eat out at least three times a week when they claim to eat out only on special occasions.  Millennials most often choose fast food when they go out to eat.  The low cal or the healthy marketed items on the menu are an extremely popular choice for Generation “Y” when eating fast food.  But in reality most healthy marketed fast food items aren’t really healthy at all, there actually almost as bad as eating an unhealthy item on the menu.  For example, at McDonald’s some of their salads with dressing are almost have more calories than a big mac.

The consistency of eating fast food may be due to the fact that millennials most likely grew up in households where both parents have full-time jobs and picking up something quick for dinner was a common practice.  Many millennials don’t view fast food as actually going out to eat.  They feel that sit down restaurants fit more in the category of going out to eat.  Also eating out is a very social thing because you most likely will go with a family member or friend.  Millennials love social interaction so this could be another reason why eating out is a very popular choice  for my generation.

Fitness- Gen “Y” Style

For Generation “Y” exercise has been an increasingly popular thing to do. In all areas of exercise, Generation “Y” out numbers the “Baby Boomers” and Generation “X”. These exercises include individual sports, racquet sports, team sports, outdoor sports, winter sports, water sports, and fitness sports. Fitness sports have been by far the most popular sport for Generation “Y”. Some fitness sports that are extremely popular for my generation currently is sports like cross fit, body building, cycling, yoga, and kick boxing. This could be the reason why Generation “Y” has such a strong social mindset because fitness is a great way t socialize and feel good about yourself. As a result of being very social, Generation “Y” seems to enjoy group exercise. I know from personal experience that whenever I go to the gym I will see friends that will stop me and have at least a 15 minute conversation with me and then will want to work out with me. Having someone to work out with is nice, but it can slow your work out agenda tremendously.

The social mindset of Generation “Y” is the reason why health club memberships are picking up and group exercise classes are getting more popular. Especially work out classes that involve a trainer and several participants per class. ‘Generation Y enjoys working out and exercising with friends compared to the other generations. Socialization is a big part of Generation “Y’s” culture.

Another reason why fitness is largely popular with my generation is because Generation “Y” is extremely concerned with their physical appearance. Many people from my generation feel the need to go to the gym everyday of the week after a long weekend of drinking, just so they can keep their same physical appearance. It is good to work out during the week but drinking heavily on the weekends hinders your physical fitness progress. Body building is also a big part of physical appearance that my generation likes to target because they believe it enhances their good looks. In conclusion, social encounters and physical appearance are two big concerns for Generation “Y”.

“Millennials” –The Party Generation

Out of all the generations, Generation “Y” is by far the generation that enjoys partying the most.  Double keggers, large parties, drinking games, and binge drinking downtown are many memories of people in the 20’s from my generation.  Everybody in every generation has partied in college, but not like the individuals from Generation “Y”.  Researchers at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) used a system called audience segmentation, which groups people according to habits, lifestyles, and opinions, to find and label this certain section of American society.   The category for heavy drinking (5+ alcoholic beverages) was dominated by Generation “Y.”  Drinking yourself stupid is one thing that is frowned on by most individuals and is not socially acceptable, but having a good time is.

Parties and social events down town can be a very useful tool for developing friendships and connections.  Generation “Y” understands the importance of this.  Like I mentioned in one of my earlier post called “Music Festivals and Art Shows- Generation ‘Y'” , events like “Burning Man” are extremely popular for my generation.  This weekend I attended the “Zombie Crawl”, which is a pub crawl, in Reno, NV.  Over 7,000 people attended this event, many which were people from Generation “Y”.  There were 36 bars that hosted this event and several costume competitions throughout the night. While enjoying myself in my zombie costume and drinking the offered spirits at the hosting bars, I also happened to re-connect with some old friends and make some new ones.  It was pretty cool to come back into contact with people I haven’t seen for years.  And who knows, maybe these people may benefit me later on in life.  In conclusion, parties, and social events that involve the consumption of alcohol are very popular for my generation.