Christmas Already?

Last weekend the holidays were celebrated early in down town Reno.  The reason for the celebration was Reno’s annual Santa Crawl, and graduation for the University of Nevada occurred, of course.  Many millennials and people from Gen” X” celebrated this event.  Some graduates viewed it as the perfect celebration after graduation for all the hard work that the put into earning their degrees.

The Santa Crawl had over 50 bars who participate in the event.  All bars had specials on drinks and even created their own like the “peppermint candy cane” or “Reindeer sweat”. There were over 15,000 participants in the event, and at midnight everybody gathered under the biggest little city arch in downtown Reno.  Hotels offer many deals on their rooms.  The Cal-Neva had twenty-four dollar rooms for people who received their Facebook add.  I personally stayed in the Cal-Neva and the deal was unbeatable.  The rooms had been redone new carpet and paint, and the bathrooms were clean and worked great.  Having the room was extremely convenient after a long  night of celebrating.

 Many wise business owners made large profits off this event.  Several party stores sold out of the Santa costumes, reindeer costumes, and elf costumes.  Pharmacy stores like Walgreens purchased and sold Santa costumes before the event started for only fifteen dollars.  Many other businesses made sure to have their Christmas displays in the open to boost profits for the month as well.  Events like these should catch the eyes of business owners because they are a great way to make a quit profit off millinels and several other generations.


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