It’s the Season!


The weathers cold, it December, and Christmas is almost here.  This means there is a lot of shopping to be done between now and the 25th.  Now, that black Friday has passed, you would think the nightmare of extremely long lines would simmer down and the shopping nightmare would be over.  Wrong! The shopping season just continues to get crazier and crazier as the holiday seasons get closer.

Holiday season shopping can get hectic and crazy.  Most people already have enough to do when it comes to setting up their Christmas decorations, preparing a large dinner for the whole family, and looking forward to entertaining relatives and in-laws.  Christmas shopping just topples on to the stress and frustrations one can endure over the holidays.  The long lines, rude Christmas shoppers, the pushing and shoving to get that precious Christmas present that everyone desires, the hectic traffic, and the visits to multiple stores makes most people want to turn in to a Grinch!  Over black Friday this year, in Los Angeles, one shopper tried to get around the hectic Christmas shopping illegally by pepper spraying the lines in front of him so he could his hands on a $30 dollar video game.  This didn’t work out to well for him because he found himself in custody.

Since millennials are tech savvy, they choose avoid the hectic of Christmas shopping in a more legal way.  They choose to get their shopping on-line.  Not only can you avoid all the negative aspects that come along with getting out and going Christmas shopping, but you can do it with in the convenience of your very own computer chair.  This allows shoppers to visit many different stores and compare prices just with the click of a few buttons.  You can pay for your packages to even be wrapped and delivered to for your front door! Shopping on-line is also capable from smart phones which can make things even easier.  Shopping on-line also allows you to look at customer reviews so you that can find that significantly marked down flat screen TV that you were looking at buying may just be a big piece of junk!  On-line companies like have hundreds of great items on sale this year.  In conclusions on-line shopping is something millennials and many other people have picked up on because of the ease and convince of it.


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