Extreme Millennials

It’s that time of the year in northern Nevada and northern California, and the weather is getting cold!  that means snow is on its way and Millennial are preparing for an extremely popular past time.  This past time is skiing and snowboarding!  In all areas of the world where there are ski resorts, millennials flock to the hills.  These extreme sports fit right in with millennials need for thrill and excitement.  With the breath taking double black diamond ski runs and 40 foot ski jumps, millennials can fulfill their need for excitement. Skiing and snowboarding is also a great winter activity for millennials to enjoy with their good friends.  Skiing and snowboarding also offers millennials a chance to learn something new if they are not from an area that has ski resorts around.

In the Reno/Tahoe area, there are several ski resorts.  This opens up a huge market of millennials especially on the college campus.  Ski resorts set up tents on campus for students to sign up for their discounted season passes two months before the ski seasons are even open.  The student season pass are very affordable which makes them extremely popular in this area.  The University of Nevada, Reno even has their very own ski swap where discounted ski/snowboarding items are sold.  You can purchase a pair of skis or a snowboard for under $100.  At most ski resorts that is the cost to rent them for one day.

At many ski resorts there are a variety of activities to do, other than skiing or snowboarding.  Some resorts have large shopping centers where many unique outdoor items can be purchased.  Some resorts have ice skating rinks and sledding parks, which make perfect ideas for dates or just fun activities in general.  Many resorts have rentable cabins and condo near them which make great spots for millennials to enjoy small winter vacations too. In conclusion, winter activities may come a little pricey, but millennials can’t resist them with the price specials that are offered by the ski resorts.


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