Couch Surfing’s Appeal to Millennials

An increasingly popular site for Millennials is  Couch Surfing International Inc. is a corporation out of San Francisco that offers its users hospitality exchange and social networking services.  Couch Surfing is operated in more than 3 million profiles in 246 countries and territories.  Couch surfing is free, and involves and entails staying on a local’s couch or in some ones guest room.  The site is a volunteer based global network where hosts and surfers can connect, create and view profiles, and exchange information to see if they would be a good fit for staying at each other’s residences.

Millennials started off on this site by using it to avoid paying rent and to avoid living in their parents basements.  Now, Millennials use this site frequently to give themselves the ability to travel without having to use their student loans.  I’ve personally have had a few friends use this site to travel to Europe and Asia.  My friends traveled for almost six months and didn’t pay a dime for hotel and boarding costs.  You should have concerns with who you stay with when using this site, but looking up peoples profiles and reviews help you select safe hosts.  This site connects the world’s travelers for free!

Many Millennials view the site as a way to create meaningful connections with the people and places they encounter, according to the website.  Millennials also feel rewarded when meeting other and helping others save money.  I believe the use of Couch Surfing is Millennials creative way to save money and adapt to the recession rather than live a less satisfying life.  Millennials tend to have low incomes and need sites like Couch Surfing for the luxuries of traveling.  In conclusion, this proves Millennials are economically sound, and can strike up real relationships with people outside of Facebook or Myspace.

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