The Simple Life

It’s about time where a lot of our generation wants to explore the housing market. Generation “Y” doesn’t desire formal living rooms, throw pillows in every common room, the hot tube style bathtubs, and total dependence on a car.  I believe this is another way for Generation “Y” of expressing that they don’t want to live in their parents’ home, they’ve already experienced 18 years of that already!  One of the Key concerns for People from the Generation “Y” era is that they desire to walk everywhere.

Recent studies have shown that 13% of Millennials carpool to work, while 7% walk.  A lot of Millennials enjoy living around the downtown area in their cities because it has easy access to everything they need.  I know from personal experience, living near downtown in Reno, Nevada is extremely convenient!  You have the University of Nevada within walking distance which gives you the opportunity to not buy a very expensive parking pass, and gives you the luxury of sleeping in.  That’s really nice when you have early classes to attend to!  Also, on the weekends, when you desire to go get a drink at bar or night club you can walk home and avoid an expensive cab ride. 

Another advantage of living in a downtown area is that the grocery store, bank, gas stations, and many other preferred stores are all conveniently located within walking distance because downtown is the center of everything.  If you are a college student a lot of your college buddies probably live near or around your neighborhood.  I would have to say the only disadvantage of living near the downtown area is that all your friends who don’t live close decide to make your living room couch their homes on the weekends.

Outdoor space, if possible is also very important to have because Millennials enjoy having space for barbeques and friends.  They also enjoy the space for fire pits and outdoor games like horseshoes.  Extra rooms for fitness centers, game rooms and party rooms are important as well when Millennials are looking for housing.

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