Smart Shoppers=Millennials

Millennials tend to be very smart shoppers.  Millennials live on low budgets, mainly because they are going through school and don’t have time to get good jobs.  Many millennial like myself, take part in coupon redemption and mailling lists. Redeeming coupons can save hundreds of dollars for food and items needed for around the house.  One of my favorite coupon redemptions is the Qdoba coupon on the back of the UNR football and basketball tickets.  These coupons can either be a 2 for 1 deal or $2 off deal.  So, essential you could get a gigantic burrito for $4 dollars there if you went with a friend.

Another tactic Millennials use to save money is shopping for furniture, or things for around the house at thrift stores.  Millennials save hundreds of dollars when doing this.  I recently purchased a slightly used couch at the Saint Vincent’s Thrift Store for under $100!  Millennial also save money at thrift stores by purchasing costume clothes and cheap dress up clothes.  Thrift stores like Savers have perfect dress clothes for events like sorority and fraternity dances. You can sometimes get an entire outfit for under $10 there!

Millennials are also very smart when it comes to grocery shopping.  Millennials usually prefer to shop at WinCo Foods or Wal-Mart. Both these stores have bathroom toiletries and food at outrageously cheap prices. You can almost get triple the amount of items at Wal-Mart then you would get at Raley’s, for the same price.  Millennial also understand that the off brands are virtually the same thing as the actual brands.  For example, Captain Crunch and Admirals Crunch have a price difference of $2 dollars, but take exactly the same!  In conclusion, when it comes to living off virtually nothing, and recognizing sales and good deals, Millennials have it down!


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