Stress- The Factor That Drives Millennials Crazy!

Millennials are a very unique generation that enjoys being involved in clubs, sports, multiple classes, working, watching their favorite TV shows, and starting a small businesses all at the same time.  This has millennial undergoing a lot of stress in their lives.  Millennials are also very concerned about surviving through life day by day because they are young and mostly live college life styles.  This can potentially cause a lot of stress-related headaches.  Perfectionism and always trying to impress people is also a major cause of stress for Millennials.  If they’re not getting a 4.0 GPA to show their parents, they feel ashamed.  Getting all A’s and maintaining a good social life is very stressful no matter what generation your from.

Some Millennials deal with stress by thinking there being productive.  So Millennials like to do a lot but accomplish little.  For example, my roommate likes to multitask.  He likes to watching TV while concurrently writing a paper, texts friends, and browse the internet on his Iphone all at the same time.  Actions like theses may make you feel productive when you really aren’t being productive at all.  Multitasking may help you avoid some stress, but it could also affect your grades and social skills.

Stress also causes Millennials to not to commit to solid plans.  Many Millennials like to keep their options open for as long as they can for school events and social events.  Millennials don’t like to create set plans for reason such as forgetting an important date on the calendar and needing to cancel last minute, or if a major project comes up that will require a lot of their extra time.  Having a flexible schedule can help Millennials avoid stress but it also makes them seem unreliable.

When dealing with stress Millennials should just take it on head first.  They should use their stress to motivate themselves to complete all their tasks presented to them.  As a Millennial, you should also put your priorities first and complete your most important tasks before others, even if it means eliminating some of your free time.  Finally, just do your best and if you have any questions, comments, on concerns, just make a comment below!


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