The Sharing and Caring Generation

Generation “Y” is a very involved and caring generation. For many of us growing up, awards and prizes have even been given to people who came in 12th place, so we know how it feels to always receive something nice. Generation “Y” workers seek to balance work and life, and want to give back to the community. Generation “Y” doesn’t want to just give money to support a cause. They want to actually help out, and give to those that are less fortunate with their tools and skills that they have. Generation “Y” also helps the less fortunate because it is just the right thing to do. So, whether it’s working with the Salvation Army, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, American Red Cross, or can food drives, we want to be part of helping others.

Many people from my generation helped rebuild homes in New Orleans after the devastating Hurricane Katrina. This help thousands of people recover from their losses in New Orleans. Generation “Y” also believes in joining socially responsible companies. This means that Generation “Y”is researching companies through networking, and keeping an eye out for companies environmental track records.  Generation “Y” is also very aware of global warming and take many steps forward to help decrease the factors that contribute to global warming.

Generation “Y” is also very interest in ethics and civil rights. Generation “Y” expects organizations to have a code of ethics that is actually practiced on the workforce, rather than just talked about. Generation “Y” believes in diversity, and diverse workforces. Like plenty of research has shown, people from Generation “Y” are motivated by opportunity for advancement, a company’s involvement in the community, and ethical companies. Generation “Y” believes in helping and giving to the needy, supporting companies/organizations who like to help, and making the world a better place.


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