Tips for Gen “Y” to Get Hired After Graduation

Since millennials are so tech savvy, presenting their social media knowledge could be a huge benefit when searching for a job.  Some ways to demonstrate your social media skills can come from being an expert at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and on many other social media sties. Many employers of small business will pay you good money for these skills.  Develop a community by crowd sourcing a market your interested in.  Many companies love if their applicants have this skill and it is also a precious skill for marketers who are new to the business world, recruiters, and fundraisers.

You should also show companies your ability of not requiring any outside aid or support.  Although, millennials need feedback from their employers, you should make sure to demonstrate your expertise in technology.  If you experience a technical difficulty, instead of turning to a technology department within the organization, you should try using an outside source like Facebook or twitter to ask questions and solve your problem.  You should also demonstrate your mobility to companies.  If you have a good knowledge of apps on cell phones make sure to let them know that.  Companies these days are looking all over for mobile marketers because it is somewhat of a new field.

Aside from social media tips for getting hired, millennials should make sure express their personalities and traits such as communication skills and a good attitude during interviews.  Also, keeping your professionalism sharp is extremely important.  Dress and conduct yourself in a professional manner everywhere you go because you never know who you might run into or meet out on the town.  Make sure your grammar is perfected, and remember to spend your money on things that make you more intelligent because at this point in your life you are your best investment!  Finally, make sure to be confident and not afraid to fail.  Qualifications or concerns should be forgotten and shouldn’t hinder you from applying for a job or interviewing with someone.  Below is a video of why college students should network with confidence.  If you have any other tips for millennials to help get hired in the workforce please post your comments in the comment section!


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