Respect Your Younger Generation!

One of the worst things I have experienced in the work place is being treated like a child at my job.  My manager would ask me to do really simple tasks, have me repeat tasks that had already been completed, and talk down to me like I was one of his children.  This is about the worst thing a manager could do to a person from the Generation “Y” era.  Although the manager may have kids from Generation “Y”, it doesn’t give them to step in the parent mode in the workplace.  This can frustrate people generation “Y” tremendously, just like it frustrated me.

Managers should ask people for Generation “Y” more courteously to complete tasks. For example, at work my manager would spill something and yell to me, “Hey Jason, clean that up!” When the proper response would have been, “Hey Jason do you mind helping me clean this mess up?”  Being polite to the your younger employees and treating them like you peers will not only help you earn their respect but they will also be more willing to perform tasks at the maximum potential.  Yelling at Generation “Y” and treating them like your kids will only anger us and cause us to lose respect for you.

The main goal for a manger is to be a coach and a teacher to Generation “Y”, rather than to talk down to your younger workers or make them feel disrespected. Generation “Y” is a generation that is supported by their parent tremendously in everything they do so it is important to make them feel like family by listening and supporting their ideas. In conclusion, as an older manager motivate Generation “Y”, by showing that that your care, can be honest with them about their progress, and reward them when they are successful. This will prove to them that you are a confident, competent, and intelligent leader.



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