Gen “Y” and their Diets


Millennials tend to be very concerned with their physical appearance like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts.  This has led for dieting to be a big part of my culture.  Millennials tend to buy healthier food at the stores.  They also like to purchase diet marketed products like” lean cuisines”.   All sorts of diets read in magazines ten to attract millienials as well.  But the fact is Millenels tend to eat out more than any other generation, but tend to not completely realize it.

I would say on average millenials eat out at least three times a week when they claim to eat out only on special occasions.  Millennials most often choose fast food when they go out to eat.  The low cal or the healthy marketed items on the menu are an extremely popular choice for Generation “Y” when eating fast food.  But in reality most healthy marketed fast food items aren’t really healthy at all, there actually almost as bad as eating an unhealthy item on the menu.  For example, at McDonald’s some of their salads with dressing are almost have more calories than a big mac.

The consistency of eating fast food may be due to the fact that millennials most likely grew up in households where both parents have full-time jobs and picking up something quick for dinner was a common practice.  Many millennials don’t view fast food as actually going out to eat.  They feel that sit down restaurants fit more in the category of going out to eat.  Also eating out is a very social thing because you most likely will go with a family member or friend.  Millennials love social interaction so this could be another reason why eating out is a very popular choice  for my generation.


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