Fitness- Gen “Y” Style

For Generation “Y” exercise has been an increasingly popular thing to do. In all areas of exercise, Generation “Y” out numbers the “Baby Boomers” and Generation “X”. These exercises include individual sports, racquet sports, team sports, outdoor sports, winter sports, water sports, and fitness sports. Fitness sports have been by far the most popular sport for Generation “Y”. Some fitness sports that are extremely popular for my generation currently is sports like cross fit, body building, cycling, yoga, and kick boxing. This could be the reason why Generation “Y” has such a strong social mindset because fitness is a great way t socialize and feel good about yourself. As a result of being very social, Generation “Y” seems to enjoy group exercise. I know from personal experience that whenever I go to the gym I will see friends that will stop me and have at least a 15 minute conversation with me and then will want to work out with me. Having someone to work out with is nice, but it can slow your work out agenda tremendously.

The social mindset of Generation “Y” is the reason why health club memberships are picking up and group exercise classes are getting more popular. Especially work out classes that involve a trainer and several participants per class. ‘Generation Y enjoys working out and exercising with friends compared to the other generations. Socialization is a big part of Generation “Y’s” culture.

Another reason why fitness is largely popular with my generation is because Generation “Y” is extremely concerned with their physical appearance. Many people from my generation feel the need to go to the gym everyday of the week after a long weekend of drinking, just so they can keep their same physical appearance. It is good to work out during the week but drinking heavily on the weekends hinders your physical fitness progress. Body building is also a big part of physical appearance that my generation likes to target because they believe it enhances their good looks. In conclusion, social encounters and physical appearance are two big concerns for Generation “Y”.


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