“Millennials” –The Party Generation

Out of all the generations, Generation “Y” is by far the generation that enjoys partying the most.  Double keggers, large parties, drinking games, and binge drinking downtown are many memories of people in the 20’s from my generation.  Everybody in every generation has partied in college, but not like the individuals from Generation “Y”.  Researchers at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) used a system called audience segmentation, which groups people according to habits, lifestyles, and opinions, to find and label this certain section of American society.   The category for heavy drinking (5+ alcoholic beverages) was dominated by Generation “Y.”  Drinking yourself stupid is one thing that is frowned on by most individuals and is not socially acceptable, but having a good time is.

Parties and social events down town can be a very useful tool for developing friendships and connections.  Generation “Y” understands the importance of this.  Like I mentioned in one of my earlier post called “Music Festivals and Art Shows- Generation ‘Y'” , events like “Burning Man” are extremely popular for my generation.  This weekend I attended the “Zombie Crawl”, which is a pub crawl, in Reno, NV.  Over 7,000 people attended this event, many which were people from Generation “Y”.  There were 36 bars that hosted this event and several costume competitions throughout the night. While enjoying myself in my zombie costume and drinking the offered spirits at the hosting bars, I also happened to re-connect with some old friends and make some new ones.  It was pretty cool to come back into contact with people I haven’t seen for years.  And who knows, maybe these people may benefit me later on in life.  In conclusion, parties, and social events that involve the consumption of alcohol are very popular for my generation.


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