Generation “Y” Improvements for the Better

As of three weeks ago I got my first wakeup call of the semester.  I received a “C-” letter grade on one of my exams which I thought I was prepared for.  The professor had stressed for a few weeks about how important reading the chapters were and just doing the cheat sheet note card wouldn’t be enough.  That professor was one hundred percent right and I didn’t do nearly.  Apparently, my Generation “Y” characteristics lead me to believe I knew more than the teacher.

 I believe this explains a lot about my particular generation. Believing you know it all is something that’s not a healthy mentality to have and eventually you will get a wakeup call and then feel dim-witted like I did.  This is something Generation “Y” need to improve on.  Members of our generation have a habit of surrounding themselves with like-minded people because we like having someone to back us up. Our friends tell us we are right, we tell them they are right. Our friends also tell us that they’ve had the same negative outcome happen to them, so we can relate feelings of disappointment and come to a solution to fix the problem like having a beer.  So, it is always good to have a friend that will challenge your opinions and self-perception.  It may not be comforting at first but will benefit you later down the line when you realize doing poorly on something isn’t cool or acceptable.

Our generation has a tendency to overvalue ourselves, which leads to us completely overlook some employment opportunities. Finding any job at this point is crucial with the conditions of the economy.  Don’t expect your dream job right out of college. Too many kids waste a lot of time looking for that perfect job that just isn’t there.  In conclusion, Generation “Y” has a lot to learn about toning down their egos a bit and taking advantage of every opportunity that they have.  This will only make our generation more successful and shut up the critics who doubt us.


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