Say “Yes” to Generation “Y”

Today I found a pretty cool video online called The age of the “Millennials”.  The video provides some pretty good information on how the “millennials” are now starting to graduate and take over the “Baby Boomers” positions in the job work force. The video also states people from the Generation “Y” were raised with high self-confidence and an attitude that doesn’t take much crap from employers. The video mentions how people from Generation “Y” also poses an attitude where they win in every situation. I agree with the video on the fact that large companies consultants can deal with Generation “Y” by just saying “yes” For an answer.

The workplace has become a psychological battlefield and the “millennials” have the upper hand, because they are tech savvy.  Marian Salzman, an ad agency executive has been managing and tracking “millennials” since they entered the workforce.  Salzman says, “Some of them are the greatest generation. They’re more hardworking. They have these tools to get things done,” she explains. “They are enormously clever and resourceful. Some of the others are absolutely incorrigible. It’s their way or the highway. The rest of us are old, redundant, should be retired. How dare we come in, anyone over 30. Not only can’t be trusted, can’t be counted upon to be, sort of, coherent.”

The video mentions how employers are trying to keep the younger generation happy with actually getting work done because fitness and party events are a big part of the “millieneals’” life style.  The “millennials” also enjoy, and are also looking for support and reassurance form their parents.  In conclusion, I agreed with many concepts this video had to offer.  Generation “Y” does present a cocky attitude to the work force, but have a reason to do so because they are going through higher education and are more familiar with technology.  Also, because our parents have given us a lot growing up, we do appreciate complements from them.  Check out the video and comment what you think!


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