Generation “Y” and Pop Culture

          When it comes down to pop culture, Generation “Y” is very different than other generations.  The “Baby Boomers” were the generation where TV was extremely popular along with shows like the Twilight Zone, Howdy Doody, Captain Kangaroo, Mighty Mouse, and the Outer Limits.  Rock and roll was also a very important piece of pop culture for this generation.   Generation “X” was the generation in which Stretch Armstrong’s and board games were a popular choice for entertainment. Generation “X” and Generation “Y” do have a similarity in pop culture because both generations grew up with having computers.

          Generation “Y’s” pop culture consists of toys and games like Transformers, Pogs, Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle Me Elmo, Beanie Babies, Pokemon cards and Furby talking stuffed animals.  Video game consoles are also very popular like with this generation.  Some popular systems are Play Station consoles, Xbox consoles, and Nintendo consoles.  Some of the most popular games are World of War craft and Halo.  Some music trends for this generation are saw Guns N’ Roses, Brittany Spears, Eminem, the Spice Girls, the Back Street Boys, and NSYNC. Electronic music has also scored a secure foothold with new equipment leading to the rise of techno, house, hip hop, and others man other types of music. Television shows are extremely popular with generation “Y”.  Two and a Half Men, The league, South Park, family Guy, and Seinfeld are highly rated television shows.  Reality T.V. has become an even bigger hit with this generation.  Shows like Jersey shore, Survivor, the Bachelor, American idol, and the Real World are producing millions of dollars.


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