Generation “Y” and Understanding Social Media

             As social media is being more recognized as a useful promoting tool, Generation “Y” is slowly becoming a big part of the work force, and making big impacts as well.  I believe companies are starting to realize the importance and benefits that social media has to offer, rather than viewing it as just a waste of time.  Companies are starting to realize that we can offer an entirely different skill set.  Generation “Ys” are certainly pretty well up to date about everything that goes on through social media.  That also goes for things we don’t know about too, because it takes us only a matter of seconds to figure out the answers to what we don’t know. 

            Many people still need to understand the importance of social networking.  Growing up in this social media generation gives my generation the benefit of understanding that using these sites involves understanding the advantages and the disadvantages of social networking. Sites like Facebook make it a potential factor for thousands and millions of people to upload every detail of your everyday life. Also with the possibility of the Internet to be searched, it’s possible for anybody to find out multiple personal details about you. Address, photos, emails, phone numbers and just about anything you’ve posted online is searchable. That is why it is crucial for companies to hire people from Generation “Y” because we have a better understanding of how to use these sites properly than our elders.  Check out this pretty cool video on Generation “Y” and the job search.


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