Generation “Y” and the Impact of Social Media

            Being a member of the first generation to grow up surrounded entirely by social media is an is a very cool and interesting topic.  It’s a very interesting topic considering that my cousins, who are much older than me, got by with using dial-up internet. I think that’s why we have very different views on the ideas of social media.  For me, growing up in the social media era has been a very positive thing.  One of the differences between my cousins and I is the way we view social media and the extent to which we understand what it has to offer.

            Generation “X” and “Y” use social media very differently.  Generation “Y” views the social media world a comfortable environment to explore. We feel very comfortable with tweeting on Twitter, adding multiple friends on Face book and hitting the +1 button on Google plus.  I believe that is the reason a lot of students from my era enjoy online schooling and web courses over the traditional class rooms. Also the people of generation Y are much more involved in websites like LinkedIn to promote themselves for professional networking.  Generation “X” uses these social media sites as well, but certainly not the same way that Generation “Y” uses them. 

            People for Gen “X” tend to use sites like Face book just to gossip about their lives. For Skype, Gen “X” uses it mainly for just a way to visit with close relative or friends.  Many people from my generation use it to visit with family, but also use it to communicate with colleagues or give professional presentations.  In conclusion, from my experience, it seems the Generation “Y” uses social media sties to make their jobs more efficient and Generation “X” uses it more to socialize.


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