Generation Wars

         I found this interesting article on-line about generation wars in the work place. The article describes how some Generation “Xs” aren’t getting along with the younger Generation Y’s. Some Generation “Xs” felt that a lot of Generation “Ys” were more concerned with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogs, and text messages instead of doing actual work. Another employee from Generation “X” felt that the Generation “Y” employee was unprepared for work and did not want to listen at all the Gen “X”. Generation “Xs” do deserve some sense of entitlement. Also some Generation “Xs” feel Generation “Ys” don’t deserve to hold the positions they have in the work place or feel that Gen “Ys” are a group of underachievers. 

         Generation “X” is necessary in professions like the military where flex time, mentorship, transparency, and values improve work and life for all employees because Gen “X” posses most of these qualities. Generation “Xs” may feel threatened by Generation “Ys” because the Gen “Y” will be most likely after the Gen “X’s” jobs. This is the same scenario for the “Baby Boomers” who might feel threatened by Generation “X” in the work place because Generation “X” will most likely be trying to take the Baby Boomer’s jobs in the work place. The human competitive nature will continue this jungle mentality for many more years to come.

        Generation “X” is wrong by thinking social media is a waste of time. Everybody can fill out a resume and application these days, but it is the people who blog and make connection through site like LinkedIn and Facebook who will come out on top. The people who are making these connections on-line have the opportunity to gain relationships through millions of people rather than with just thousands that live in their area. Social media also allows you to be easily known and most employers’ search it for background checks these days.



2 responses to “Generation Wars

  1. It’s only getting worse with the current state of the economy. Older workers are being driven out and younger workers are over qualified. We’ll see when acts like ADEA start coming into the picture.

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