Generation “X”

Generation “X” are people born from 1964 to the mid or late 1970s in the United States and Canada. This is the smallest generation by population with about 46 million compared to Generations “Y” and the “Baby Boomers who have over 70 million members.  This is the generation that follows the “Baby Boomer” generation.  These people are typically the people in their late twenties and thirties.  Generation “X’s” stereotypes are that they viewed them as bad listeners slackers, rejecting religion, and disobeying their parents.   In the 1980’s-1990’s Generation “X” has had a large impact on popular culture.  Generations “X” employees are typically known for not planning on staying with one job or company throughout their career. They will sacrifice their family for their job and they have grown up seeing their parents get laid off

Like Generation “Y,” Generation “X” is pretty tech savvy including sites like Youtube,, Facebook, and Google.  After all, Generation “X” was first generation to grow up with computers.  Generation “X” does contain a lot of legal professionals, senior associate, mid-level staff positions in law firms.  Generation “X’s” are very individualist and values freedom and responsibility.  That is why I believe they work well with Generation Y’s.  Unlike previous generations, members of Generation “X” work to live rather than live to work.  Generation “X” like to enjoy themselves when they can because they have seen the hard ships their parents had to undergo.  In conclusion, I believe Generation “X” is an important generation in the work force and can only help Generation Y’s out in the future.


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