Generation Conflicts

               I came by an article that I found that I thought was very interesting the other day. A study by the University of Wisconsin indicates that the majority of generational conflicts arise from value differences. The study mentioned that understanding generational values and can help businesses and organizations better manage and perform across generational boundaries. The study showed that Generation Y was very similar to Generation X in the fact that both Generations are fast-forward, and full of self-esteem. The study also showed that Generation Y has a strong understanding of the value of education because their parents, teachers, and counselors. The study also mentions the different attitudes of generations and that, “Generation X says, ‘I’ll be on the team, but let me do my piece.’ And then Gen Y is saying, ‘Sure, I want to do this by myself and by the way, who can I get to help me?'” (Age-Old Conflict: Baby Boomers Vs. Generation Y)

             Generation Y has a bad reputation for like bad music, tattoos, bad clothing, and piercings. In the professional world these characteristics are most of the time looked down upon. The study also made a good point on how supervisors should be clearer when they ask for a dress code. Instead of saying “dress professionally,” supervisors should clearly state what their expectations are for dressing professionally. In result, the study wraps up by saying older generations should help guide Generation Y and make their expectations clear before they blame younger people for things that they don’t know.



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