“Millennials” –The Party Generation

Out of all the generations, Generation “Y” is by far the generation that enjoys partying the most.  Double keggers, large parties, drinking games, and binge drinking downtown are many memories of people in the 20’s from my generation.  Everybody in every generation has partied in college, but not like the individuals from Generation “Y”.  Researchers at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) used a system called audience segmentation, which groups people according to habits, lifestyles, and opinions, to find and label this certain section of American society.   The category for heavy drinking (5+ alcoholic beverages) was dominated by Generation “Y.”  Drinking yourself stupid is one thing that is frowned on by most individuals and is not socially acceptable, but having a good time is.

Parties and social events down town can be a very useful tool for developing friendships and connections.  Generation “Y” understands the importance of this.  Like I mentioned in one of my earlier post called “Music Festivals and Art Shows- Generation ‘Y'” , events like “Burning Man” are extremely popular for my generation.  This weekend I attended the “Zombie Crawl”, which is a pub crawl, in Reno, NV.  Over 7,000 people attended this event, many which were people from Generation “Y”.  There were 36 bars that hosted this event and several costume competitions throughout the night. While enjoying myself in my zombie costume and drinking the offered spirits at the hosting bars, I also happened to re-connect with some old friends and make some new ones.  It was pretty cool to come back into contact with people I haven’t seen for years.  And who knows, maybe these people may benefit me later on in life.  In conclusion, parties, and social events that involve the consumption of alcohol are very popular for my generation.


Generation “Y” Improvements for the Better

As of three weeks ago I got my first wakeup call of the semester.  I received a “C-” letter grade on one of my exams which I thought I was prepared for.  The professor had stressed for a few weeks about how important reading the chapters were and just doing the cheat sheet note card wouldn’t be enough.  That professor was one hundred percent right and I didn’t do nearly.  Apparently, my Generation “Y” characteristics lead me to believe I knew more than the teacher.

 I believe this explains a lot about my particular generation. Believing you know it all is something that’s not a healthy mentality to have and eventually you will get a wakeup call and then feel dim-witted like I did.  This is something Generation “Y” need to improve on.  Members of our generation have a habit of surrounding themselves with like-minded people because we like having someone to back us up. Our friends tell us we are right, we tell them they are right. Our friends also tell us that they’ve had the same negative outcome happen to them, so we can relate feelings of disappointment and come to a solution to fix the problem like having a beer.  So, it is always good to have a friend that will challenge your opinions and self-perception.  It may not be comforting at first but will benefit you later down the line when you realize doing poorly on something isn’t cool or acceptable.

Our generation has a tendency to overvalue ourselves, which leads to us completely overlook some employment opportunities. Finding any job at this point is crucial with the conditions of the economy.  Don’t expect your dream job right out of college. Too many kids waste a lot of time looking for that perfect job that just isn’t there.  In conclusion, Generation “Y” has a lot to learn about toning down their egos a bit and taking advantage of every opportunity that they have.  This will only make our generation more successful and shut up the critics who doubt us.

Say “Yes” to Generation “Y”

Today I found a pretty cool video online called The age of the “Millennials”.  The video provides some pretty good information on how the “millennials” are now starting to graduate and take over the “Baby Boomers” positions in the job work force. The video also states people from the Generation “Y” were raised with high self-confidence and an attitude that doesn’t take much crap from employers. The video mentions how people from Generation “Y” also poses an attitude where they win in every situation. I agree with the video on the fact that large companies consultants can deal with Generation “Y” by just saying “yes” For an answer.

The workplace has become a psychological battlefield and the “millennials” have the upper hand, because they are tech savvy.  Marian Salzman, an ad agency executive has been managing and tracking “millennials” since they entered the workforce.  Salzman says, “Some of them are the greatest generation. They’re more hardworking. They have these tools to get things done,” she explains. “They are enormously clever and resourceful. Some of the others are absolutely incorrigible. It’s their way or the highway. The rest of us are old, redundant, should be retired. How dare we come in, anyone over 30. Not only can’t be trusted, can’t be counted upon to be, sort of, coherent.”

The video mentions how employers are trying to keep the younger generation happy with actually getting work done because fitness and party events are a big part of the “millieneals’” life style.  The “millennials” also enjoy, and are also looking for support and reassurance form their parents.  In conclusion, I agreed with many concepts this video had to offer.  Generation “Y” does present a cocky attitude to the work force, but have a reason to do so because they are going through higher education and are more familiar with technology.  Also, because our parents have given us a lot growing up, we do appreciate complements from them.  Check out the video and comment what you think!

Music Festivals and Art Shows- Generation “Y”

          Over the past few years music festivals have become extremely popular for people from Generation “Y”.  More than 230,000 amazing fans attended the Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas 2011, many of which were Generation “Ys”.   The world’s top musical and artistic talent will return to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the 16th Annual Electric Daisy Carnival on June 8, 9 and 10, 2012. Another very popular music festival is the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The Coachella Festival is a three-day annual music and arts festival, organized by Goldenvoice.  This Southern California event features many genres of music including rock, indie, Hip Hop, and electronic music as well as large sculptural art and draws more than a 100,000 people each year. The event has many main stages, and has an extremely large camping site.  Many people from Generation “Y” attend this event annually to enjoy the light shows and electronic music.

          Similar to music festivals like EDC and Coachella is Burning Man, a week-long annual event held in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. The event starts on the Monday before Labor Day weekend, and ends on the holiday itself. The event has an annual burning of a wooden man at the end of the festival. Burning Man is also contains many hand crafted art designs along with many sculptures created for the event.  Light shows and fluorescent color are extremely popular for this event.  Over 50,000 people attended the event last year, many of which were people from Generation “Y”.  Based off the popularity of these events it is fact that Generation “Y” enjoys art and self expression.  I myself am not very big on these events but for the people who are, their attendance to these events just gets larger as the years go on.  Below is a video of the Burning Man festival.

Generation “Y” and Pop Culture

          When it comes down to pop culture, Generation “Y” is very different than other generations.  The “Baby Boomers” were the generation where TV was extremely popular along with shows like the Twilight Zone, Howdy Doody, Captain Kangaroo, Mighty Mouse, and the Outer Limits.  Rock and roll was also a very important piece of pop culture for this generation.   Generation “X” was the generation in which Stretch Armstrong’s and board games were a popular choice for entertainment. Generation “X” and Generation “Y” do have a similarity in pop culture because both generations grew up with having computers.

          Generation “Y’s” pop culture consists of toys and games like Transformers, Pogs, Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle Me Elmo, Beanie Babies, Pokemon cards and Furby talking stuffed animals.  Video game consoles are also very popular like with this generation.  Some popular systems are Play Station consoles, Xbox consoles, and Nintendo consoles.  Some of the most popular games are World of War craft and Halo.  Some music trends for this generation are saw Guns N’ Roses, Brittany Spears, Eminem, the Spice Girls, the Back Street Boys, and NSYNC. Electronic music has also scored a secure foothold with new equipment leading to the rise of techno, house, hip hop, and others man other types of music. Television shows are extremely popular with generation “Y”.  Two and a Half Men, The league, South Park, family Guy, and Seinfeld are highly rated television shows.  Reality T.V. has become an even bigger hit with this generation.  Shows like Jersey shore, Survivor, the Bachelor, American idol, and the Real World are producing millions of dollars.

Generation “Y” and Understanding Social Media

             As social media is being more recognized as a useful promoting tool, Generation “Y” is slowly becoming a big part of the work force, and making big impacts as well.  I believe companies are starting to realize the importance and benefits that social media has to offer, rather than viewing it as just a waste of time.  Companies are starting to realize that we can offer an entirely different skill set.  Generation “Ys” are certainly pretty well up to date about everything that goes on through social media.  That also goes for things we don’t know about too, because it takes us only a matter of seconds to figure out the answers to what we don’t know. 

            Many people still need to understand the importance of social networking.  Growing up in this social media generation gives my generation the benefit of understanding that using these sites involves understanding the advantages and the disadvantages of social networking. Sites like Facebook make it a potential factor for thousands and millions of people to upload every detail of your everyday life. Also with the possibility of the Internet to be searched, it’s possible for anybody to find out multiple personal details about you. Address, photos, emails, phone numbers and just about anything you’ve posted online is searchable. That is why it is crucial for companies to hire people from Generation “Y” because we have a better understanding of how to use these sites properly than our elders.  Check out this pretty cool video on Generation “Y” and the job search.

Generation “Y” and the Impact of Social Media

            Being a member of the first generation to grow up surrounded entirely by social media is an is a very cool and interesting topic.  It’s a very interesting topic considering that my cousins, who are much older than me, got by with using dial-up internet. I think that’s why we have very different views on the ideas of social media.  For me, growing up in the social media era has been a very positive thing.  One of the differences between my cousins and I is the way we view social media and the extent to which we understand what it has to offer.

            Generation “X” and “Y” use social media very differently.  Generation “Y” views the social media world a comfortable environment to explore. We feel very comfortable with tweeting on Twitter, adding multiple friends on Face book and hitting the +1 button on Google plus.  I believe that is the reason a lot of students from my era enjoy online schooling and web courses over the traditional class rooms. Also the people of generation Y are much more involved in websites like LinkedIn to promote themselves for professional networking.  Generation “X” uses these social media sites as well, but certainly not the same way that Generation “Y” uses them. 

            People for Gen “X” tend to use sites like Face book just to gossip about their lives. For Skype, Gen “X” uses it mainly for just a way to visit with close relative or friends.  Many people from my generation use it to visit with family, but also use it to communicate with colleagues or give professional presentations.  In conclusion, from my experience, it seems the Generation “Y” uses social media sties to make their jobs more efficient and Generation “X” uses it more to socialize.