One thing I have noticed about Generation Y is that they are very involved with their friendships and connecting with people.  Catching up and keeping your connections with friends is very important is this day and age.  It could be that one friend that you went to high school with and meet up with at a bar that could land you a career that you will be doing for the rest of your life.  For example, an old friend from high school came into town and wanted to meet up and get a drink last night.  Being exhausted from the night before, I was pretty content with just staying at home and watching a movie but I decided that it would be a good idea to go out and catch up.   After telling some stories and catching up, my friend offered me a job opportunity at his parent’s moving company.  Taking an hour out of my day lead to a great job opportunity.  If I were to simply ignore my friend and stay at home, this job opportunity would be none existent.

Many connections of Generation Y are made through technology and social media because we are tech savvy.   Social networking sites Facebook, linkedin, and myspace gives Generation Y the opportunity to connect with people around the world within a matter of seconds.  Social media is a very important aspect of networking these days. Also, many younger people are more anti-phone than older people; personality factors also influence a person’s preferred style of communication, but I believe Generation Y has a great understanding of the importance of face to face connections. 



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