The Future of NASCAR

          I found  a very interesting article about how a Generation Y NASCAR driver is taking advantage of the generation he was born in to attract new follows and help him in races.  the article is called, “Brad Keselowski gives NASCAR a different kind of star.”

          Brad Keselowski, NASCAR’s new rebel, is by far one of  NASCAR’s hottest young racers right now.  Brad was born and raised in Michigan and has a slight 5-10, 155-pound build.  Last year he had two top-10 finishes in 36 races.  Keselowski is 27 years old, seems balanced as Generation Y’s answer to a new style of NASCAR drives. Keselowski was born in the mid-1980s, and is impatient computer-savvy kid like many others from his generation. Keselowski uses Twitter to place his opinions on hot topics such as female NASCAR drivers in order to get some talk about the extreme sport going. Keselowski even posted pictures of his busted ankle on the internet to get the attention of fans.  By posting pictures and tweeting, Keselowski is capturing the imagination and attracting many new NASCAR fans.

         NASCAR is trying to recapture the younger generation after its audience shrunk tremendously in recent years.  TV ratings and attendance are both down more than 20% over the last five years.  I believe people like Brad from Generation Y will take advantage of technology and have the sport turned around and operating at an all time high like it was five years ago.  In all, Generation Y will bring NASCAR a brighter future along with a younger fan base.



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