Generation Y: The Future of the Business World

I am a student who was born in the generation of approximately 1977-1994, which is the largest generation in America since the Baby Boomers.  This generation is called Generation Y.  Generation Y controls a large percentage of the voting population which makes us a very powerful generation from a political point of view.  Generation Y is much evolved with their communication.  They communicate electronically with the internet, social networks, e-mails, iphones, and many other technological devices that older generations are less familiar with.  We are also are more aware of computer programs, and more aware of how to use computer software.  Generation Y is also receiving higher education’s than the older generations.

Generation Y is also known for being very challenging and impatient.  We are also known for having poor communication skills, poor spelling and grammar, and tend to have poor behaviour in the work place. Those are some quality that we can easily improve on. The key to success in the future is being able to adapt to change, and Generation Y will be the ones to carry us through upcoming changes.  Generation Y will figure out better ways to save their money to retire, and stay out of debt.  We have begun to demand excellent benefits already because we realize the importance of them in the future.  Generation Y is also having demanding companies to think more imaginatively about balancing life and work at the same time.

My blogs will help people understand Generation Y, and all the benefits my generation has to offer.  Since Generation Y is so tech savvy, they will be great employees to help our country and businesses adapt to change.  My blogs will help others understand the importance of this generation and why generation Y is crucial for success in the business place all around the world.




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