Family comes first

Generation Y has proven to be more family orientated than many generations.  Generation Y is willing to trade large salaries for fewer billable hours, flexible schedules.  Many Generation Y’s enjoy working with friends and contain different views than older generations about putting family first over and realizing how import that is.  The benefits of a good day at work are actually felt at home.  I found a study at digest/why_ work-family_balance_is_so_important/ that,” Investigated whether positive well-being—including qualities such as self-acceptance, autonomy, purpose in life, positive relationships with others, and personal growth—helps people remain in good psychological health. The researchers found that individuals who reported low positive well-being were twice as likely to develop depression 10 years later than those who rated themselves as having greater positive well-being. In addition, the results suggest positive well-being can help someone maintain psychological health even when faced with stressful situations such as financial difficulties or problems with physical health. These findings point to the influential role of positive well-being, which is different from basic psychological health, in protecting people from the effects of negative life experiences.” (Wood, A.M.; Joseph, S. Journal of Affective Disorders, Vol. 122 (3), May 2010, 213-217.)  Studies like these prove that having a balanced life is extremely important, and that an unbalanced life can lead to depression and poor performance in the work place.  Being too involved in your work destroys friend ships and marriages.  Also, being too involved in work can limit your time with children which can be devastating for many parents.


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