Baby Boomers Seeking Help

My mother is a part of the Baby Boomer generation.  The generation that is typically born between 1946-1964.  She is an intelligent woman with a college degree.  But, the other day, she was typing a document up for work.  She finished typing up the document and was having trouble transferring the document to her lap top.  With decent computer knowledge, I simply attached the document to an email and had the document transferred to the lap top within minutes.  I believe this experience demonstrated a good point.  That point is that Generation Y’s are more knowledgeable about computers.  After all, Generation Y was the first generation to grow up with a computer mouse and the internet.  Another thing that is funny to watch most people from the Baby Boomer generation is when they try to figure out their text message capabilities on their phones.  My parents and many of my friend’s parents from the baby boomer generation struggle for months trying to figure out their text messaging capabilities.  Sending pictures in text message is also very foreign to them when they first discovery their texting capabilities.  In today’s era,  is seems that most kids that got  high school can text around 60 words per minute and are teaching their successful and intelligent parents how to text.  I do believe that Baby Boomers are becoming frequent users of blogs, forums, podcasts, and online videos and are adapting to these technological advances fairly quickly.  In conclusion, I think it is safe to say that parent can learn a lot from their children about computer technology and their cell phones.



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