Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers have no doubt contributed to society in many ways. Baby Boomers are people born after World War II between 1946 and 1964. Baby Boomers have characteristics that are very different and unique when compared to that of the other generations.  Baby boomers contain academic leadership and are in most political, cultural and also industrial classes.  Baby boomers’ families have the maximum incomes in America.  Baby boomers are also idealist and have a lot of power over cultural issues.  This generation constitutes a large majority of today’s law firm leaders, corporate executives, senior and legal managers. In fact, nearly 70 percent of law firm partners are Baby Boomers.

Baby Boomers are also very hard workers because of the way they were raised.  After all, they did grow up during the Great Depression. There are many Are very much over-protective parents. They wish to sanitize everything that is seen by their children, even television programs.  Baby Boomers are anti-youth and they reflect this thin the work force.  Many Generation Y’s are being passed over in the work force because they are believed to be immature and inexperienced. All people, boomer or not, are all indeed important individuals who have the potential to contribute a lot for the world.  Generation Y is the future and the baby boomers need to realize this. Labor statistics indicate that nearly 80 million Baby Boomers will exit the workplace in the next decade. Although the baby boomers are an astonishing generation, it’s about time for some of them to start retiring.



One thing I have noticed about Generation Y is that they are very involved with their friendships and connecting with people.  Catching up and keeping your connections with friends is very important is this day and age.  It could be that one friend that you went to high school with and meet up with at a bar that could land you a career that you will be doing for the rest of your life.  For example, an old friend from high school came into town and wanted to meet up and get a drink last night.  Being exhausted from the night before, I was pretty content with just staying at home and watching a movie but I decided that it would be a good idea to go out and catch up.   After telling some stories and catching up, my friend offered me a job opportunity at his parent’s moving company.  Taking an hour out of my day lead to a great job opportunity.  If I were to simply ignore my friend and stay at home, this job opportunity would be none existent.

Many connections of Generation Y are made through technology and social media because we are tech savvy.   Social networking sites Facebook, linkedin, and myspace gives Generation Y the opportunity to connect with people around the world within a matter of seconds.  Social media is a very important aspect of networking these days. Also, many younger people are more anti-phone than older people; personality factors also influence a person’s preferred style of communication, but I believe Generation Y has a great understanding of the importance of face to face connections. 


The Future of NASCAR

          I found  a very interesting article about how a Generation Y NASCAR driver is taking advantage of the generation he was born in to attract new follows and help him in races.  the article is called, “Brad Keselowski gives NASCAR a different kind of star.”

          Brad Keselowski, NASCAR’s new rebel, is by far one of  NASCAR’s hottest young racers right now.  Brad was born and raised in Michigan and has a slight 5-10, 155-pound build.  Last year he had two top-10 finishes in 36 races.  Keselowski is 27 years old, seems balanced as Generation Y’s answer to a new style of NASCAR drives. Keselowski was born in the mid-1980s, and is impatient computer-savvy kid like many others from his generation. Keselowski uses Twitter to place his opinions on hot topics such as female NASCAR drivers in order to get some talk about the extreme sport going. Keselowski even posted pictures of his busted ankle on the internet to get the attention of fans.  By posting pictures and tweeting, Keselowski is capturing the imagination and attracting many new NASCAR fans.

         NASCAR is trying to recapture the younger generation after its audience shrunk tremendously in recent years.  TV ratings and attendance are both down more than 20% over the last five years.  I believe people like Brad from Generation Y will take advantage of technology and have the sport turned around and operating at an all time high like it was five years ago.  In all, Generation Y will bring NASCAR a brighter future along with a younger fan base.


Family comes first

Generation Y has proven to be more family orientated than many generations.  Generation Y is willing to trade large salaries for fewer billable hours, flexible schedules.  Many Generation Y’s enjoy working with friends and contain different views than older generations about putting family first over and realizing how import that is.  The benefits of a good day at work are actually felt at home.  I found a study at digest/why_ work-family_balance_is_so_important/ that,” Investigated whether positive well-being—including qualities such as self-acceptance, autonomy, purpose in life, positive relationships with others, and personal growth—helps people remain in good psychological health. The researchers found that individuals who reported low positive well-being were twice as likely to develop depression 10 years later than those who rated themselves as having greater positive well-being. In addition, the results suggest positive well-being can help someone maintain psychological health even when faced with stressful situations such as financial difficulties or problems with physical health. These findings point to the influential role of positive well-being, which is different from basic psychological health, in protecting people from the effects of negative life experiences.” (Wood, A.M.; Joseph, S. Journal of Affective Disorders, Vol. 122 (3), May 2010, 213-217.)  Studies like these prove that having a balanced life is extremely important, and that an unbalanced life can lead to depression and poor performance in the work place.  Being too involved in your work destroys friend ships and marriages.  Also, being too involved in work can limit your time with children which can be devastating for many parents.

Baby Boomers Seeking Help

My mother is a part of the Baby Boomer generation.  The generation that is typically born between 1946-1964.  She is an intelligent woman with a college degree.  But, the other day, she was typing a document up for work.  She finished typing up the document and was having trouble transferring the document to her lap top.  With decent computer knowledge, I simply attached the document to an email and had the document transferred to the lap top within minutes.  I believe this experience demonstrated a good point.  That point is that Generation Y’s are more knowledgeable about computers.  After all, Generation Y was the first generation to grow up with a computer mouse and the internet.  Another thing that is funny to watch most people from the Baby Boomer generation is when they try to figure out their text message capabilities on their phones.  My parents and many of my friend’s parents from the baby boomer generation struggle for months trying to figure out their text messaging capabilities.  Sending pictures in text message is also very foreign to them when they first discovery their texting capabilities.  In today’s era,  is seems that most kids that got  high school can text around 60 words per minute and are teaching their successful and intelligent parents how to text.  I do believe that Baby Boomers are becoming frequent users of blogs, forums, podcasts, and online videos and are adapting to these technological advances fairly quickly.  In conclusion, I think it is safe to say that parent can learn a lot from their children about computer technology and their cell phones.


Generation Y: The Future of the Business World

I am a student who was born in the generation of approximately 1977-1994, which is the largest generation in America since the Baby Boomers.  This generation is called Generation Y.  Generation Y controls a large percentage of the voting population which makes us a very powerful generation from a political point of view.  Generation Y is much evolved with their communication.  They communicate electronically with the internet, social networks, e-mails, iphones, and many other technological devices that older generations are less familiar with.  We are also are more aware of computer programs, and more aware of how to use computer software.  Generation Y is also receiving higher education’s than the older generations.

Generation Y is also known for being very challenging and impatient.  We are also known for having poor communication skills, poor spelling and grammar, and tend to have poor behaviour in the work place. Those are some quality that we can easily improve on. The key to success in the future is being able to adapt to change, and Generation Y will be the ones to carry us through upcoming changes.  Generation Y will figure out better ways to save their money to retire, and stay out of debt.  We have begun to demand excellent benefits already because we realize the importance of them in the future.  Generation Y is also having demanding companies to think more imaginatively about balancing life and work at the same time.

My blogs will help people understand Generation Y, and all the benefits my generation has to offer.  Since Generation Y is so tech savvy, they will be great employees to help our country and businesses adapt to change.  My blogs will help others understand the importance of this generation and why generation Y is crucial for success in the business place all around the world.